Townsville Property Managers top property security tips while you’re on holidays !
Regan Leatch

Rental Break-ins  during the holiday period

According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Christmas Eve is the peak time for property offences such as burglaries and break-ins, with most offences occurring between 9 am and 6 pm in plain daylight.

If you’re planning on going away this year or going away at any time of the year, make sure your home and rental property are is protected.

Here are our five easy holiday security tips for landlords and tenants to help secure your property:

1. Put a hold on your mail or arrange someone to collect it for you. 


Do not advertise that you are not at home with a stack of parcels on your doorstep or an overflowing letterbox. Thieves can target these packages or use it as a sign someone is away for an extended period.

Be sure to suspend any regular deliveries such as newspapers and magazines and put a hold on your mail or divert your mail to a trusted friend or family member for the duration of your holiday.


2. Hide your valuables from plain view

Before you go, make sure you conceal your valuables as the majority of break in’s aren’t pre-planned. Opportunist thieves may be tempted by valuable items such as jewellery, cash, gifts and electronics, so make sure they’re kept out of sight or all your window furnishings are closed. You can find a great range of Safes at Jim Roberts Lock Smiths

Additionally, be careful about how you dispose of gift and appliance packaging. If a thief sees an empty  computer box outside your home, it’s likely that they will assume that there’s a new item in the property waiting to be taken.


 3. Clean up the yard

YAnother holiday security tip is to clean up your yard. Also, remove any tools or equipment that could assist with a break in suck as pliers or a ladder. These should all be stored securely in the garage.

Make sure any overgrown hedges and trees are trimmed back to limit hiding spots from your neighbours or people driving past. A tidy yard will give your home a lived-in look which indicates your home, if you know your going to be away a while, we also recommend arranging someone to come by and as a minimum give the yard a mow.

At Coral Sea Property Management Townsville we have a strong relationship with a variety of different trades people. If your looking for someone to come mow your lawn or tidy your garden we use and recommend Raw from RAAW Lawn and Garden Services. Check them out here.


4. Light It Up Your Property 

Well-lit areas and motion-activated lights around the exterior of your home are such great deterrent for anyone lurking around. As for the interior of your home, it’s a good idea to set timers on internal lights/ lamps to create the illusion that someone is home. You can also buy smart home powerpoints for under $30 which can be used to set up lights and even the TV.

5. Keep your travels off social media

If you were thinking of checking into Facebook while sipping cocktails in Byron Bay, think again. Posting pictures and updates while on holiday is advertising to everyone that your home is empty and vulnerable. Remember, you can always post pictures and updates after you’ve returned from your holiday!

 To sum it up –

  1. Put a hold on your mail
  2. Hide your valuables
  3. Clean up the yard
  4. Light it up
  5. Keep your travels off social media

Crime has risen in the Townsville Area in the last  few years so be sure to share these tips with friends and family to ensure everyone around you has a safe and happy holiday.

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