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How we manage your property

What We Do Well – Manage Your Property

We are known as one of Townsville’s fastest growing and leading specialist property management
providers. Our reputation is built on delivering exceptional personal service to our property owners.
We guarantee consistent high standards and performance through innovative and up-to date property management practices.

Profit Maximising Systems

Our polished systems and procedures allow us to maintain higher rental returns and better tenants, which means we make you more money. We are so confident of the service we provide, that we guarantee it.

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Change to Coral Sea Property Management

To manage a rental property efficiently, you need knowledge, resources and time. At Coral Sea Property Management, this is our business. We have the know-how, resources and time to manage your property effectively and act on your behalf. We work with you to ensure you maximize the price your property is rented at every time your property becomes available.

  • If you’re managing your own property we’ll help you transition seamlessly to use our services.

It’s easier than you think

Transferring to Coral Sea Property Management can be completed by signing just 2 simple documents. It’s quite easy. Then we’ll contact your previous property manager and request they send on the files. We’ll take care of all the details including transferring bonds and rental payments. We’ll organised it all for you.

You can change at any time

Once you’ve decided to transfer to Coral Sea Property Management, you don’t need to wait until the lease ends. Changing property managers does not affect existing leases. Your tenants lease will remain valid no matter when you change. In fact, we find that most tenants are happy when property owners move across to us – because we are organised and get things done.

We find that it is far better for all concerned to take over the management of a property when there is still time on the existing lease. This is because we have time to assess the current tenant and help ensure they are managed well. Plus it allows us a sufficient marketing period to help fill your property quickly should your current tenant move on, helping to reduce vacancy time. This helps us to keep more money in your pocket.

Maximise your rental returns

Rental vacancies cost you money. In fact, this is where the most money is lost. If you’re trying to manage your own property, do you have access to a pool of tenants looking for rentals? At Coral Sea Property Management, we do. If your current property manager is not returning your calls, then it’s likely they are not returning their current or potential tenants’ calls either. At Coral Sea Property Management, we take pride in responding to all contacts on the same business day.

Property Management at Coral Sea

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