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Owner Information Hub

This information hub provides all all they secrets to how we successfully get you more for your investment property. We publish and stand by our 4 Power Guarantees  and filter our applicants ensuring only the best tenants are placed in your rental property. For more information on how we operate check our the pages below. If you have any specific questions get in touch with one of our awesome team. 

Investor Magazine

How to compare property managers, how to get the best returns EVERY YEAR, 5 steps for getting great landloards insurance and much much more.

Our Guarantees

Our 4 Power Guarantees 

Why us?

Things we do differently to consistently get you higher annual returns


When and how we communicate to you

Marketing Your Property

Our secret to getting you the best price, most interest and best tenants for your rental property.

Switching Agents

It’s easy to switch agents. Experience great property management for yourself.

Routine Inspections

How we make sure you property is ok

Our Tenant Selection Process

How we find the best tenants

Property Me

A resource for owners to find out anything about their property 24/7. 


Some of the most common questions landlords ask their property manager

FAB 50

As an investment property owner, you understand the importance of cash flow and getting maximum return from your property. However, hidden fees, advertising fees, inspection fees, renewal fees, bond fees – all reduce your profit. On top of all those fees, your agent then holds your money for 30 days.
There is a better way.