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Leaving Your Lease

What to do when you’re leaving

When You Vacate

We understand that moving can be stressful. Our goal is to have a stress free vacate for your sake and ours. We really want to be able to get your full bond back within 7 business days and wish you a happy transition to your next home. Please remember, you must pay your rent up to date, hand in your keys on time and have everything completed and returned to us on or before your vacate date.

Step 1. Complete the Vacating Tenant Paperwork

You must complete the following paperwork:
• Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13)
• Refund of Rental Bond (Form 4)
• Vacating Tenant Contract

Step 2. Organise your Bond Clean

The property needs to be cleaned, as explained in your lease and the Vacating Tenant Contract.  You can do this yourself or hire a professional cleaner of your choice.

To maximise your chances of getting your full bond back, we recommend that you use our preferred cleaner Kites Cleaning (Lyndel) on 0417 634 676 or [email protected]

Note: Using our cleaner isn’t mandatory, but is very effective since it guarantees that you will pass this part of the Vacate Inspection.

Step 3. Complete the Tenant Cleaning Checklist

Use our Tenant Cleaning Checklist to make sure you have covered everything.

Step 4. Complete the Tenant Repair Checklist

Use our Tenant Repair Checklist to make sure you have covered everything.

Hints and Tips for Leaving

Please refer to the following sections for information about leaving your lease:

Breaking Your Lease

There are responsibilities and obligations that you must meet if you break your lease. You must decide on the date you are leaving your property. You must then give Coral Sea Property Management at least 14 days prior notice.

As you are breaking a legally binding contract, you must give us written notice. There are two forms to complete and they must be signed by all tenants on the General Tenancy Agreement.

The first form is a Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13). This means that you will be vacating the property and lets you provide details.

The second form is an Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy. This creates an agreement between the tenant and the landlord that once certain conditions have been met, the landlord agrees to terminate the tenancy agreement without further penalties. The terms and conditions of the Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy are as follows: 

  • You are required to pay a break lease fee which is equivalent to one week’s rent plus GST.
  • You are required to return the property to Coral Sea Property Management fully cleaned including having the carpets and curtains professionally cleaned.
  • You are responsible for rent at the property until a new tenant has been found and a new General Tenancy Agreement has commenced or until your General Tenancy agreement has expired, whichever comes first.
  • You are responsible for the properties advertising fee of $379.
  • All lease break fees and charges must be paid before we can begin advertising the property.

Handing in Your Keys

The property is not considered vacant until you hand in your keys. If you hand your keys in after your Notice of Intention to Leave expires, you must pay rent each day until you hand the keys in to our office.

Once you have given up vacant possession of the property, one of our staff members will conduct a Vacate Inspection on the property to ensure the property has been cleaned and returned to our standard. This will happen within 3 business days of you handing in your keys. You will not be required to attend this inspection.

A staff member will contact you after they have completed this inspection. If there is any MINOR cleaning that still needs to be done or damage to be repaired, you may be allowed 24 hours from when we notify you to have these rectified.
If there is more than minor cleaning and/or damage, we reserve the right to get the cleaning and/or damage fixed on your behalf, at the costs outlined above.

Remember, the best way is to have your property cleaned and any tenant damage fixed before you hand in your keys to Coral Sea Property Management.

Fees and Charges

Our goal is to have stress free vacates for your sake and ours. Moving is stressful enough. If you complete everything in your Vacating Tenant Contract, you will not have to worry about paying any of these fees and charges.

As your lease states, there are fees and charges applicable if you choose not to hand the property back to us in line with your lease and your Vacating Tenant Contract:

  • Any maintenance invoice amount plus a 10% surcharge on the invoice amount.
  • A $75 re-inspection fee If your property requires an extra inspection from a staff member to inspect issues you have fixed after you have handed in your keys. Clear photos and/or videos will be acceptable in some circumstances (please ask us first).
  • If there is any cleaning, tenant damage or missing items that we need to organise on your behalf, you will be charged rent until the property is ready, in line with the Vacating Tenant Contract.

As you can see, these costs can add up, so help us to help you have an awesome vacate and get your full bond back within 7 business days

Save Money When You Vacate


The best way to save money and fuss on your bond clean, carpets and curtains, is to use our preferred cleaners. They work with us very closely, use our cleaning checklist and understand our high standards. The best part is, you pay them once only. If there were any cleaning problems, we will ensure they go back directly and at no cost, risk or hassle to you. Other cleaners may offer guarantees, but we have seen too often they aren’t able to go back at short notice, and some find an excuse not to go back at all If that happens to you, it’s your money at risk as the property will need to be cleaned to our standard and we will send our preferred cleaners in there.


Sometimes things happen and there may be a wall you have accidentally damaged or an overgrown garden you don’t have time to weed. Don’t “wait and see” if we will pick it up in your Vacate Inspection. We will. We use a detailed checklist and have reports and photos of how the property looked when you moved in. The best way to sort this stuff out is to get it fixed BEFORE you move out. We have a great handyman who does everything and an amazing gardener that you can hire directly. Like the preferred cleaners, if you use our preferred tradespeople, if there are any issues with their work, we go back directly to them – no fuss or extra cost to you.


My property was not that clean when I moved in, do I still have to do a full bond clean and check everything off the cleaning checklist? 

  • Yes. When you signed your lease you agreed to conduct a full bond clean on vacate, this is regardless of the cleanliness of the property when you moved in.

Do I have to use your preferred cleaner? 

  • No. If you do choose to use our preferred cleaner, if there is ANYTHING missed, we are able to hold them accountable not you. This means you are guaranteed to pass the cleaning portion of your vacate with no extra costs.

Can I use another professional cleaner? 

  • Yes. This carries the same risk as doing the cleaning yourself. If there is ANYTHING missed we will still need to hold you accountable for not completing the cleaning. We will not deal directly with any cleaner other than our preferred cleaner. This can mean deductions from your bond.

There is an item/items that are damaged but I forgot to put in on my entry condition report when I moved in. Am I responsible for getting this fixed? 

  • Yes. When you submit your entry condition report, it is a document that you have signed and agreed that what you have written is a true description of the condition of the property. We must measure the condition of the property to the entry condition report.

What do I do if there is genuine maintenance on the property when I move out?

  • All genuine maintenance must be reported using the online maintenance system BEFORE you vacate. If you do not do this then you will be held financially accountable for all unreported maintenance.

There are items that have been damaged accidentally or otherwise. What do I do?

  • The cheapest solution is to get any damaged items repaired/replaced BEFORE you move out. Any tenant damage left behind will incur rent payable until the property is ready, in line with the Vacating Tenant Contract, and the invoice amount plus 10% on top of any invoices. Please see ‘useful contacts’ to hire our preferred trades people to fix any tenant damage BEFORE you move out if you cannot fix the damage yourself to avoid extra costs.

Can I hand my keys in early?

  • Yes, and this may result in you getting your bond back sooner. You will still need to pay rent up to your vacate date.

What documents do I need to hand in?

  • Your Bpay card on or before the vacate date
  • The receipt for carpets and curtains/material blinds on or before the vacate date
  • The receipt for tick and flea treatments on or before the vacate date if you have had a pet in the property

Do I need to have the grass mowed, garden trimmed and free of green waste?

  • Yes. When you signed your lease you agreed to maintain the yard, including keeping it well-watered, mowed and gardens weeded. All green waste must be removed.

What do I need to know about inspections for new tenants?

  • When you choose to vacate, we need to start advertising for a new tenant. This means that we need to conduct inspections. Prospective tenant inspections will always be done with a staff member and prospective tenants will never be left alone on these inspections.

What do I need to know about professional photos?

  • If your property does not already have professional photos then we may need to arrange to have our professional photographer make an appointment with you to take these photos. Your personal belongings will be photo-shopped out so there are no privacy concerns. Please ensure your home is presentable when the photographer is there. If it is not they may need to make another appointment with you.

Final Goodbye

If you have followed everything in the Vacating Tenant Contract and the property is ready for us to rent again, a big thank-you from all of us here at Coral Sea. You can expect to get your full bond back within 7 business days.

We love to see our outgoing tenants as happy as our new incoming ones.

Wherever you are going, we wish you all the best.

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