FAB $50

FAB $50

A better way to manage your property

The FAB $50 is our new service designed to put more money into your bank account, with fewer fees and your rent paid weekly. On a $350 rental you can expect to save $800+ per year.
As an investment property owner, you understand the importance of cash flow and getting maximum return from your property.

However, hidden fees, advertising fees, inspection fees, renewal fees, bond fees – all reduce your profit. On top of all those fees, your agent then holds your money for 30 days. There is a better way.

If you’re sick of paying uncapped management fees on your higher-priced property then FAB $50 is the plan for you.

FAB $50 is a flat weekly $50 + GST fee. It’s designed to put more money into your bank account. You receive the full service from Coral Sea Property Management, packaged in a way that saves you money and gets you paid more often.

FAB $50 Standard % Package
Management fee $50 week + GST 9.09% + GST
Rent paid to you Weekly Monthly
Bank fees /disbursal fee (per disbursal) Included $15
Renewal fee Included 1 week rent
Advertising Included $379
Routine Inspection fee(4/year) Included $69 / inspection
Bond Inspection fee Included $220
24 hour online Owner Portal access Included Included

3rd Party/ Optional/ Event Charges

FAB $50 Standard % Package
Smoke alarms annually (3rd Party) $129 $129
Maintenance co-ordination and admin Included 10% of charged amount
Financial year statement Included $27.50
QCAT court attendance $550 $550
Premier ad upgrade Included $138
First year cost on a $450 Per Week Rental $2600 + GST Over $4235.50

Whether you choose the FAB $50 or Standard Package Our 4 Power Guarantees to you remain the same. SEE OUR GUARANTEES