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How we communicate with you

Communication is the Key

We believe relationships are built on trust, and trust is built on great communication. At Coral Sea Property Management, we understand that keeping property owners informed about their investment is essential.

How we communicate with you

We follow a set of procedures for regular communication with you, so you know what to expect. This is subject to your instructions, but generally:

  • In the first instance we always call you.
  • We try all available contact numbers, not just once but multiple times.
  • If you’re unavailable, we’ll leave a message and also follow up with an email.

If you cannot be contacted or don’t respond to our messages (sometimes that happens) we’ll make a decision on your behalf and send you an email to let you know. You’ve employed us to manage your property and we can make decisions on your behalf – in line with your instructions – and keep you informed. This is our commitment to you.

Communicating when maintenance is required

Our team will contact you if maintenance is required on your property. We’ll also keep you informed of the progress. When we have built trust with you, you may choose to authorise us to carry out necessary maintenance on your behalf. When we deduct funds from your account for any reason, we’ll ensure you know the amount that’s deducted and why. We will always keep you informed.

Communicating after routine property inspections

After we conduct a routine property inspection, you’ll receive an email summary of the outcome. The inspection will be graded from A – excellent to D – unacceptable. We’ll also provide notes of small items that may need future action. In addition, we’ll include a link to your owner page on our website, where you can see all photos from the inspection. This gives you a much clearer picture of the state of your property. If there are any issues that require immediate action, we’ll also contact you. We believe maintenance should be proactive rather than reactive.

Communicating during lease renewals

As property managers, our goal is to maximise your annual return. We understand that when your property is vacant, this causes stress and during this time it’s important to keep communication open and possibly even more often.

  • If your property becomes vacant, we’ll communicate with you via telephone or email every Monday and Friday until your property is re-let. We want to keep you fully informed on all market activity and provide feedback from our advertising of your property. We’ll also let you know the cost of any advertising, letting fee, and other deductions from your account.
  • When we lease or renew the lease on your property, we’ll keep you informed. We’ll contact you with details of the new lease, any rental increase and other relevant information. We also like you to know how quickly we rented your property. And you’ll receive a signed copy of the new lease for your records.

Communicating your account details

We email you a statement every month. As well as detailed information on all transactions for the month, your statement also contains your unique customer number for access 24 hours a day to the online Property Me portal.  This lets you monitor your properties and helps you keep firmly in control of your investment.  You can also download all your previous statements from the portal.

How we respond to your contacts

If you’ve left a message for us or sent an email, we endeavour to return all phone calls and emails by the close of every business day and certainly by the next business day. However, our guarantee to you is that all phone calls and emails are returned within 2 business days at the latest.

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