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About Us

Property management isn’t just what we do, it’s all we do.

Picking the Right Real Estate Property Manager

A real estate investment property is a major asset. It can generate significant income, or be the source of on-going expense and frustration. Picking the right property manager, someone you can trust, to manage your investment professionally, prudently and in your absolute best interests isn’t easy, but it is a critical step in your wealth creation plan.

Who Are We?

We are known as one of Townsville’s leading specialist property management providers. Our reputation is built on delivering exceptional personal service to our property Owners and Tenants. For more than 20 years, our systems, processes and local knowledge have consistently produced higher rental returns, better tenants and fewer days vacant. While we’re unapologetically Owner Advocates, we believe that providing great service to both Owners and Tenants is the key to a successful property management business. That’s what we do best and that’s what we can do for you too.

All We Do is Property Management

Many so-called “property management” companies are actually in the business of selling properties. At Coral Sea Property Management, all we do is property management and we take it very seriously. After you’ve bought your investment property, you should be able to hand over the keys and let someone else takes care of the rest. You want to be able to relax, knowing the rent will arrive in your bank account on schedule. Simple. With Coral Sea Property Management you can relax knowing your real estate property is in the hands of someone you can trust.

We Manage Your Property Like We Own it

Our guide for every decision we make on a daily basis is “What would I do if I owned this property?” Every day there are decisions that our team makes using our systems as guidance. Each decision is then checked against the question “Would I make the same decision if I owned this property?

You can see more details of this approach to managing your property on our Like We Own It Page.


We Guarantee Our Performance

At Coral Sea Property Management, we have the courage to do things differently. We back up our service with our four Power Guarantees.

  • If Your Tenant Won’t Pay, We Will
  • If We Don’t Return Your Call or Email Within 48 Hours, We Will Pay You $100
  • If You Are Not 100% Delighted With Our Service, We’ll Refund That Week’s Management Fee
  • If You Need To Leave Us For Any Reason, We’ll Make It As Easy As Possible

You can see more details of our commitments to you on our Guarantees Page.


We're Customer Focused

We Communicate – We believe relationships are built on trust, and trust is built on great communication. We’ll communicate with you and you will never be kept in the dark about what’s happening with your property.

We’re Accountable – You’ve trusted us to look after your property and we take that responsibility very seriously.  All the decisions we make are in your best interests. If we make a mistake we’ll contact you straight away.

We Maximise Your Returns – Our team strives to maximise your annual returns by reducing vacancy rates, increasing lease lengths and having a strict approach to quality. We want you to get the most out of your investment.

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