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Townsville’s Leading Real Estate Property Management Experts 

We believe we should be able to protect your property investment and we will stand up for this belief. We’re accountable. We communicate. We manage your property like we own it.

Many so-called “Townsville Property Managers” are actually in the business of selling properties. At Coral Sea Property Management, all we do is property management and we take it seriously. Once you’ve bought an investment property, you should be able to hand over the keys, and let someone else takes care of the rest. You want to be able to relax, knowing the rent will arrive in your bank account on schedule. Simple. With Coral Sea you can relax knowing your property is in the hands of someone you can trust.

We manage rental properties throughout the Townsville area and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and communication. Our Townsville Property Managers are dedicated to finding the best tenants for your real estate property and focus on reliable returns from your investment, protecting your property, and long lease agreements.


The FAB $50

As an investment property owner, you understand the importance of cash flow and getting maximum return from your property. However, hidden fees, advertising fees, inspection fees, renewal fees, bond fees – all reduce your profit. On top of all those fees, your agent then holds your money for 30 days.
There is a better way to managing your real estate property in Townsville.

Say goodbye to profit-eating fees on your property… Say hello to FAB$50

FAB $50 Service

Make More Money From Your Rental Property

FAB $50 is a flat weekly $50 fee. It’s designed to put more money into your bank account.
You receive the full service from Coral Sea Property Management, packaged in a way that saves you money and gets you paid more often.

FAB $50 Benefits

  • Money paid into your bank account weekly
  • No renewal fees
  • No advertising fees
  • No routine inspection fees
  • No bond inspection fees
  • No letting fees
  • No hidden fees ever
  • Easy to budget
  • On a $350 rental expect to save $800+ per year

The Real Estate Property Management Service You Deserve !

We Communicate
We believe relationships are built on trust, and trust is built on great communication. We’ll communicate with you and you will never be kept in the dark about what’s happening with your property.

We’re Accountable
You have trusted us to manage your property and we’ll treat it like it was our own. All the decisions we make are in your best interests. If we make a mistake we’ll contact you straight away.

We Maximise Your Returns
Our team strives to maximise your annual property returns by reducing vacancy rates, increasing lease lengths and having a strict approach to quality. We want you to get the most out of your property investment.

Experienced Townsville Property Managers That Care

Do you want Property Managers who are genuine owner advocates?

Are you dissatisfied with your current Property Managers performance?

Are you new to property investment, need some professional advice from an experienced team?

Are you frustrated with the time and effort it takes to self-manage your real estate property?

Do you want quality tenants, regular inspections and long leases?

Need More Assurance?

At Coral Sea Property Management, we have the courage to do things differently. We back up our service with our 4 Power Guarantees.

  1. If Your Tenant Won’t Pay, We Will
  2. If We Don’t Return Your Call or Email Within 48 Hours, We Will Pay You $100
  3. If If You Are Not 100% Delighted With Our Service, We’ll Refund That Week’s Management Fee
  4. If You Need To Leave Us For Any Reason, We’ll Make It As Easy As Possible
If Your Tenant Won't Pay, We Will!

We’re so confident that we can find an A-grade tenant for your property, that in the event they won’t pay their rent, we will! You’ll have a stress-free experience knowing that your rent will keep coming in, even if your tenant defaults.
Conditions: Your property must be and remain covered by our recommended Landlords Protection Insurance.

If We Don't Return Your Call or Email Within 48 Hours, We Will Pay You $100!

Our promise is to communicate with you and keep you in the loop, so it’s our responsibility, not yours! We are so confident in our systems that we can consistently deliver on this promise that we’ll pay you $100 if we don’t.

If You Are Not 100% Delighted With Our Service, We'll Refund That Week's Property Management Fee!

If at any time you’re not happy with our property rentals’ management service, we’ll refund that week’s management fee. To help us to improve our service, let us know what went wrong.

If You Need To Leave Us For Any Reason, We'll Make It As Easy As Possible!

There are no “Lock-In” contracts, “Exit fees” or 30, 60, 90 day termination periods with us. If for any reason you need to leave us, we’ll return your file within 1 business day and help you transition to your next manager. No questions, no fine print, no issues.

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